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Freedom2Surf offer £14.99 1Mbps service

Service providers are still coming out with new packages that make use of the new capacity based pricing from BT Wholesale. Freedom2Surf is putting the cat among the pigeons with its new Connect Lite product which is a 1Mbps service with a 1GB (GigaByte) allowance for £14.99. For the heavier user Connect Home User is available with a 5GB allowance and is priced at £19.99 a month. (Prices include VAT)

Freedom2Surf do the capping slightly differently to many providers, between the hours of 1am and 6am the connection is actually unmetered, which means all those large LINUX ISO downloads can be scheduled for during the night. Extra bandwidth is available at £2.99 per GB, and for those who feel that bandwidth watching is too much, there is the uncapped Pure IP Power User product at £35.24 a month. The packages include email/webspace, and are subject to a one month minimum contract. Activation is £49.99 or £79.99 if you take a modem from Freedom2Surf. Existing ADSL users who migrate to the Connect packages from another ISP, will be offered a £10 cash payment.

Interestingly the press release includes the handy fact that around 95% of broadband users actually download less than 5GB per month. Certainly the Connect Home User package represents excellent value for money, especially compared to the packages that are half the speed, and generally carry a much smaller bandwidth allowance. There are still a lot of service providers who are yet to make any noise with regards the capacity based pricing, it is possible they are awaiting the release of the BT Wholesale 'usage' based pricing model later in the year.


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