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Vispa now offering free migrations

Vispa is now offering free migrations, full details of the offer on their website here. In itself it is not that incredible, since the wholesale price of migrations is now £11+VAT, but there are still plenty of ISPs charging much more than this for migration.

If you move to Vispa using a free migration, then your contract would have a 12 month minimum period. If you do not want to tie yourself in for 12 months, then one month contracts are available but migration is £15 (inc VAT).

The Vispa website highlights a critical part of migrations, generally you can only migrate like for like BT Wholesale products, e.g. IPStream Home 500 to IPStream Home 500. This means that people on an ISP that uses Datastream products will not be able to use the migration process, they would need a full cease of service and a whole new order. Also not all ISPs support migration, which is something that many people think providers should be forced to do, and is something that needs addressing by Ofcom if the market is to perform as a free market.


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