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All Scottish communities to have broadband by end of 2005

Scotland has seen a number of broadband initiatives, that have brought affordable broadband to several areas of the country, but many more are in the pipeline. The planned roll-out by BT will see many exchanges in Scotland getting standard ADSL, but unfortunately 400 of the 600 exchanges not on the planned roll-out list are in Scotland.

The Scottish Government is addressing the issue of these commercially unviable communities, as can be seen on their website here. Coverage is set to rise from 78 per cent currently to 95% next summer, with the 400 exchanges covering up to 100,000 households and businesses. While no specifics are mentioned about how the remaining communities will get broadband, it is likely to be a combination of things like ADSL, wireless and possibly satellite access for the really remote communities.

If the Scottish target can be met, along with the targets in other regions of the UK, then basic broadband coverage for the UK will exceed other countries by a large margin.


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