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PlusNet release 2Mbps service starting at £31.99

PlusNet is rocking the boat somewhat with its latest product release. The Broadband Home range, includes three main products.

  • Broadband Home 512k £14.99 per month
  • Broadband Home 1Mbps £23.99 per month
  • Broadband Home 2Mbps £31.99 per month

These prices do include VAT, and also the basic 1GB monthly allowance. Extra bandwidth is available at £1.50 per GB. Most importantly for some the Premier option with no bandwidth capping is just £6 on 0.5Mbps, £7 on 1Mbps and £8 on the 2Mbps service. This means Home 2Mbps is available at £39.99 per month with no capping. Activation is still payable, and two options are available, a 12 month minimum term contract with £58.75 activation, and a monthly contract with a £70.50 activation fee. If during your contract you decide to upgrade or downgrade your bandwidth, e.g. from Premier to 2GB/month, this is done for free, excepting of course any changes to the monthly fees.

These new products particularly the 1Mbps and 2Mbps ones show what is possible with the new capacity based pricing model. Providers are seeing a lot of demand for the metered packages particularly those that are in the under £20 bracket, PlusNets 2Mbps package looks set to do the same for the high speed users.

The Home 2Mbps product is actually based around the BT IPStream Office 2000 product at present, but once the IPStream Home 2000 range is available it will be switched. The price may not be the lowest for a 2Mbps product, but as it is an IPStream based product it is available at 2,734 BT exchanges currently, whereas the DataStream products from Central Point, Fast24, Bulldog etc are a much smaller subset of these exchanges. The low speed 'sub broadband' (150/250kbps) packages from some suppliers are looking more out of place as each week goes by now.


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