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BT Wholesale breaks uplink bonding?

Andrews & Arnold on their own newsgroup has highlighted an issue that is likely to affect a number of service providers who offer bonding services. In particular it appears that BT have introduced source filtering on the IPStream based products. This would appear to be a security measure to stop IP spoofing, since the filtering will now only allow traffic originating from IP addresses that are routed down to the same line.

The precise situation has not been confirmed yet, but hopefully it will be in the near future. Not all of Andrews & Arnolds bonding customers are affected, they use various methods to improve the redundancy, but if the process becomes widespread across all IPStream circuits some ISP's will have problems.

For those not aware of bonding, it allows you to join two or more ASDL lines together to increase the upstream to for example 1Mbps, without the massive expense of SDSL. It can also be used to provide lines that achieve close to 6Mbps. The Andrews & Arnold website has more on the topic here.

Bonding is not a massive market but it is important to a number of service providers who provide technically adept services.

The question now is, how long for BT Wholesale to react to the providers, and explain what is going on. Then perhaps provide an option to turn off the filtering on lines that people want to use for bonding or simple back out from the changes.


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