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Broadband or TV, TV or Broadband?

The topic of which do you prefer, using Broadband Internet or watching television is one of concern to the traditional TV media industry. Wanadoo has commissioned what it calls the UK's biggest ever Media Diary study - Fish Bowl 2. The study covers traditional media and Internet use, with diaries been kept by 1,000 media users.

The main summary, and perhaps worrying for the major TV companies, is that people are watching TV less and using Broadband more. On average it appears that people are switching off the TV, and using the Internet instead for at least 2 hours a week.

Some summary points from the study are:

  • Broadband users are online for 45% more time than Narrowband users.
  • Broadband users spend 11% less time watching TV than Narrowband users.
  • Broadband is the fastest growing medium in the home, fastest declining is TV.
  • The Internet was the second most popular medium in the home for prime-time entertainment after TV.

The changes may come as no surprise to many broadband users. This shift in balance is going to mean that TV stations cannot rely on people spending several hours in front of the TV each night, this of course also has an effect on advertising.


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