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Cable and Wireless buys Bulldog Communications Ltd

Local Loop Unbundling has been in the news a lot recently, even making it into the main stream press, so todays news may not be so much of a shock. Cable and Wireless has purchased the share capital of Bulldog Communications Ltd for £18.6 million. The full press release from C&W can be found here.

"Increasingly our customers are demanding broadband DSL. We believe that local loop unbundling will provide selective opportunities driven by customer demand to expand the reach of our services and enable us to provide a differentiated offering. The acquisition of Bulldog will accelerate our ability to deliver directly connected DSL solutions for our existing and potential customers with an experienced team specialising in LLU services.

Cable & Wireless intends to work with the management of Bulldog to expand the platform as commercial opportunities are identified."

Cable & Wireless Chief Executive, Francesco Caio

Quite what this share purchase means will only really be known over time, but the use of the words "selective opportunities" suggests that we should not start to get excited about a national LLU roll-out. The phrase seems to suggest that C&W/Bulldog will go where they believe the profits are to be made. One could say that the acquisition is actually C&W playing catch-up in the LLU arena.

Whether we will see Bulldog focus more on its business products and expanding LLU, rather than what most of the UK currently see them as, i.e. a Datastream provider will be interesting to see.


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