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BT Wholesale to offer ISPs itemised billing on metered services

BT Wholesale has provided for the service providers, details of changes to the BT run BT Central products, that will allow an ISP to see the bandwidth usage for individual end-users. Some providers are already doing this, e.g. Metronet who implemented their own system some time ago. The main change is that now it will be available as an option from BT Wholesale.

The BT Central product is the link between the wholesale network and the ISPs own network. With the change to capacity based pricing, and option of usage charging in the future, knowing what a user is using bandwidth wise will be important. Once providers have seen the metering working we can expect it to be switched on, and hopefully end-users will be shown where to find their usage figures so that they can avoid unexpectedly high broadband bills.

Hopefully providers will make good use of the option, we look forward to seeing 2Mbps products at 0.5Mbps prices with sensible bandwidth limits in the future, or perhaps switches that allow a user to change tariffs at will. If there is enough take-up in this area, it will demonstrate that there is the demand for the faster products like Telewests 3Mbps service.


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