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LTT wireless now have a 4Mbps symmetric service

LTT is slowly expanding its coverage area, and increasing the product options. A new 4Mbps symmetric wireless service has been launched, though the price at £280/month is beyond home users, this is a lot less than a leased line for business use. An interesting option now is 'Bandwidth on Demand', which lets users change the bandwidth when they want, though it does cost £5 for each change, plus of course the new tariff.

Coverage is always an issue, with any broadband service and LTT's service is now available in:

  • Edenbridge, Kent
  • Penshurst, Kent
  • Hartfield, East Sussex
  • Withyham, East Sussex
  • Buxted, East Sussex
  • South Godstone, Surrey

The following areas that should be next to get coverage are:

  • Hever, Kent
  • Cowden, Kent
  • Markbeech, Kent
  • Marsh Green, Kent
  • Chiddingstone, Kent


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