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NDO launches an 'Upfront' ADSL service

NDO has launched two new ADSL packages, 'Home500 UpFront' and 'Home1000 UpFront', priced at £19.99 and £29.99 respectively (including VAT). The UpFront range carry no bandwidth limits or restrictions.

The UpFront part of the product refers to the fact that each service requires the customer to pay a £65 activation fee (£58.75 of which is the standard ADSL activation charge). Then the user simply needs to purchase their ADSL hardware, either from the range NDO stock, or one of their own choice. NDO's existing product's which start at £23.50 a month are not affected by these new products.

The price of the 1Mbps product is very competitive and makes providers like BT and Wanadoo look over priced, even though they have recently just launched various new packages. The message is to look around the service providers, and not to just rely on who has the most extensive marketing campaign. Also remember to look at things like the cost of support calls and any service restrictions.

The NDO press release also highlights that the 1000 places are filling on up the Milton Keynes Extended Reach Trial, but there are still slots available, visit for more information on NDO's part in the trial.


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