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Pay-as-you-go crowd gains another entrant

Nildram has today launched some new ADSL packages, dslSurf500 PAYG time bundled with 50 hours of service, and dslSurf500 PAYG data with a 1GB bandwidth allowance. Both products have a baseline price of £19.49 (inc VAT) per month, plus a £58.75 activation fee and the cost of your ADSL modem.

Extra time or bandwidth can be purchased for the service at £1.95 per 50 hours, or £2.95 per GB (GigaByte). Both products are capped price wise so that the monthly cost will not exceed £25.34. The main difference with many other PAYG products is that it is a 1 month contract. Regrades with the Nildram product range are available, at £41.13 a time.

There is another product that is an entry level product and that is dslSurf500 Classic priced at £22.99 per month, this product has no metered element.

The glut of PAYG products on the UK broadband market is amazing now, almost every provider is clamouring to get into the area. It will be interesting to see what affect these new lower priced products have on the broadband market. Will we finally see the great mass of UK Internet users who perhaps just use the Internet 2 or 3 hours a week, now upgrade to broadband.


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