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Surprise at size of response to Tiscali problems...

When one is researching into the problems an ISP is having, one always wonders whether it is just a few people having problems. Surprisingly we have received around 30 emails from individuals having problems with the service in the last couple of days.

The number of users with problems does not sound massive, but in comparison with previous calls for such emails it is pretty high, and often forum postings and users with complaints hide the great mass of silent complainers. The interesting thing is that a great many of the users are reporting similar problems, for example, problems ceasing a service (even when outside the minimum contract period of 12 months), poor service speeds, low quality of support. To sum up the general feeling it would be to say that users feel as if no-one is listening, or concerned about fixing problems.

If you are a current Tiscali user and are having serious quality of service issues, or have actually attempted to cancel the service but seem to be getting nowhere, please do email us at [email protected] with Tiscali in the subject line. We cannot guarantee a solution to the problem, but for those trying to cancel the service we can pass your details onto Tiscali UK for them to investigate. For those experiencing quality of service issues, we hope that Tiscali will have some form of statement on this in the near future.

We hope that Tiscali can address the various issues it is having, many of them may simply be that the ISP has grown at a very fast rate in the UK due to its marketing activities. Though one would have hoped a large European ISP would have had it's eyes open to this possibility and prepared the service for a user influx prior to the TV advertising campaigns.

Our largest concern particular with new broadband users experiencing slow speeds is that people may see broadband as a bit of a rip-off, which because of word of mouth may damage the national take-up rate of broadband and in particular ADSL.


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