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Bulldog announces more special offers, up-to 2Mbps for £24.99

Bulldog who make use of Local Loop Unbundling, BT Datastream and BT IPstream services has announced two new special offers today to follow up from the price changes announced by the BT Groups this morning. The speed at which this special offer has appeared is surprising, we did not expect price changes from providers so rapidly. Though these price cuts are probably not totally in response to the LLU price cuts, the news from Ofcom that the Datastream pricing margins are to increase is perhaps just as responsible.

The Bulldog PrimeTime 2000 promotion will see the product drop from £32.99 per month (inc VAT) to £24.99 (inc VAT), and PrimeTime 1000 will drop from £24.99 to £19.99 per month (inc VAT). These two PrimeTime products use a 'time of day' feature, whereby during office hours, the connection runs at a maximum of 0.5Mbps, but outside these hours, the maximum speed is 2Mbps or 1Mbps respectively.

The two products are available on Bulldog's LLU and Datastream enabled exchanges, and as with all special offers we urge consumers to check the terms and conditions to avoid any undue surprises.

Interestingly Bulldog makes the point of raising the fact that in France, the LLU operator is charged roughly 40 pence per month, which is still a lot lower than the proposed UK pricing. Hopefully BT's indications of further price cuts in the LLU area, as the volume of sales increases will bring the prices down into the sub £1 area.


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