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Another two-way satellite service for SME's

Tariam has launched a 1Mbps two way satellite based service, the pricing does mean it is more suited to SME's who are unable to obtain broadband via the usual suspects.

The new service requires hardware costing £949, installation at £300 and a monthly fee of £149. It is not cheap to get it running, but then if it is for business use, and it helps to reduce other bills, or being able to handle email quickly improves sales, it could soon be worth it. Of course there are many parts of the UK where SME's can obtain grants to install a broadband connection now.

The satellite market in the UK with the recent BT roll-out announcement is pretty small now. But there are plenty of small businesses that can still benefit from satellite broadband due to their location, e.g. out of range or the exchange is one of the 600 not on the planned roll-out list.


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