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Growing rise of complaints from Tiscali customers

Tiscali is a service provider that is growing rapidly due to TV advertising, and various other marketing activities. Unfortunately we are seeing a growing number of problems from users of the service.

The problems are varied but commonly include quality of support advice, poor speeds, problems cancelling service etc. The problem is not confined to just ADSLguide visitors, Mark Jackson of has also noticed the increase.

We have being quietly collecting emails from users of the service for a couple of weeks now, mainly those wishing to cancel, and who have tried the official channels with little or no success. We are in contact with Tiscali, and where users want us to we will pass details on, so that hopefully cancellations will get processed.

Tiscali customers are free to use our BBS section here to discuss their problems, and share possible solutions. If you would like us to try and help with a cancellation, email [email protected] and be sure to put TISCALI in the subject line, we cannot guarantee anything, but we can try, and the emails allow us to assess the overall size of the problem.

We will be coming back to look more closely at the issues revolving around Tiscali, and hopefully will be able to publish their responses to the issues.


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