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First user seen on Netvigator service

We have seen our first user of the Netvigator service in our Wireless Broadband ISP section on our forums. The speed of delivery for the service is impressive, and it is now possible to confirm the hardware platform that is being supplied.

The modem supplied is the IPWireless UMTS TDD 3.4 External Modem (download a PDF document with details from here). The modem has the capability for the antenna to be located up to 2 metres away from the modem, which does provide some scope for relocating it around a house. Additionally since the connection is available via an Ethernet port and PPPoE authentication it is entirely feasible to connect a cable/DSL wireless router to re-broadcast or share the connection around your house (a suitable router would be the Buffalo Airstation G54). For those wanting to know more about the technology behind the service visit

Lets hope that the service can increase its foot print, and bring more people into range of broadband services.


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