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ISDN/HH/Midband users left out in cold in Milton Keynes

The Milton Keynes Broadband Action Group reports that it has had a number of people ask about whether HomeHighway/ISDN/Midband consumers can take part in the trial. Alas the answer from BT Wholesale is no. These types of lines are excluded from the trial, the main reason would appear to be the potential problems of reverting the line back to its previous state if the ADSL does not work. Which if the attenuation on a specific line is very high is a real possibility at this time.

Home Highway and other ISDN based services have had a very bad deal from BT since the start of ADSL. Migration is not supported by many ISP's, and the 12 month contracts are a big cost barrier to people wanting to move to ADSL, plus there is the £50 fee for returning the line to a basic PSTN service. The BT Retail arm covering BT Broadband and BT Yahoo will subsidise the remaining months of HH/Midband contracts but many do not want them as their ISP.

Is it fair of BT Wholesale to exclude this segment of users from the trial? If users were able to take part on the proviso they paid for reconnection of their HH/Midband service if the ADSL failed, then we see little reason for BT Wholesale to not allow them to take part. There may be a bit of extra work with regards to getting the HH kit removed, but the data from these lines may help those in similar situations elsewhere.


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