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News update on Milton Keynes Long Reach Trial

The Milton Keynes Broadband Action Group website has an update from BT Wholesale on the Long Reach ADSL trial in the '01908' Milton Keynes area. The full update can be found here.

A good summary on the purpose of the trial is:
"Is this a trial or what?
Yes, this is a trial but we hope it will pave the way for longer reach broadband service across the country. Research by BT Exact has indicated that many of those previously outside the reach of broadband might now be able to get service but we have to gather the performance data from this trial to establish what any new limits might be. It is therefore not a trial of a new product, but a trial to establish at what distance the product can perform reliably.
In fact we plan to test the performance of 512Kb/second broadband products on lines in the 01908 area – no matter the length. Previously when we extended reach it was done in incremental stages based on the signal loss on the lines, from approximately 3.5km to 5.5km to 6km. We’re opening up the trial to any line in the 01908 area no matter what the length so we can establish exactly what the cut-off would be for reliable broadband service. Some people with the longest lines will not be able to get reliable broadband service but we need to test these lines to establish the limits."

The trial has not actually commenced yet, on May 11th BT will publish a list of the ISP's taking part in the trial, i.e. those who you can order a service from, and then on 17th May the ISP's will be able to forward advance orders. The actual trial will run from from 1st June 2004, to the end of September 2004.


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