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Ofcom ruling on BT line rental delayed

The Register has the news that the results from the current Ofcom investigation into BT's new phone line rental pricing will be delayed for around a week to ten days. For those who have not noticed the price change that is on its way, BT are due to scrap the standard £9.50 per month line rental, and put all these users onto the basic BT Together package which costs £1 more per month.

The basic BT Together Option 1 package, in comparison to the standard line rental currently available may be cost neutral for many, the trade off being between the free calls in the old line rental and the new 'hour plan'. The problem lies with CPS (Carrier Pre-Selection) services, which allow you to transparently direct all out-going calls to a third party call provider, e.g. the various Sky Talk packages.

What many people are not aware of, is that CPS is compatible with ADSL, and if you hunt around the various providers very good call packages can be found.


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