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Bulldog reduces PrimeTime 4000 price to celebrate its birthday..

Bulldog Communications has always been at the forefront of offering fast services in local-loop unbundled areas. In celebration of its fourth birthday, it is reducing the cost of PrimeTime 4000, a 4 Mbps broadband service targeted at residential customers from £64.99 to £39.99 per month (subject to a 12 month contract) if you order before the end of May. A £99.99 connection charge also applies. The service is contended at 50:1 and is available in Central London only.

"Less than three years ago UK consumers were paying around £30 for a standard 512 kbps service.  Today, Bulldog is giving consumers the opportunity to benefit from and experience 8 times that speed at significant savings. Bulldog will continue to drive innovation and provide value-for-money, high-speed broadband services to UK consumers."

Richard Greco (CEO), Bulldog Communications

A key benefit of Bulldog's PrimeTime 4000 service is its 400 Kbps upstream speed while downstream speed is either 512 Kbps or 4 Mbps depending on the time of day. [seb]


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