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Is Wanadoo about to release metered packages?

Rumours and talk about a new set of packages on the Wanadoo service (previously Freeserve) are emerging. The details are vague, but it appears that three new packages may be on the way, a 0.5Mbps package with a 2GB/month allowance at £17.99 per month. For a 15GB/month allowance on a 0.5Mbps package it will cost £27.99 per month. It also is looking like the long awaited launch of a 1Mbps Freeserve/Wanadoo package is on the cards at £34.99 per month, with a 30GB limit.

A number of current Freeserve users are discussing the new packages on our Freeserve specific forum section. The question of what will happen to existing users is raised, we would suspect that at present the unmetered connections will be available for exising users. Whether new customers will have this option is unclear, but given the new pricing this seems unlikely.


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