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Snippets of news on 10km ADSL trials

On Monday 19th April we featured the good news that BT Wholesale is to run trials to see if ADSL can reach out to 10km (original news item is here). From the questions appearing on our forums, and other broadband sites, it has become apparent that ISPs had originally being told of the trial having a 7km limit, this is not the case.

The Milton Keynes Broadband Action Group website contains a very good summary of this issue, "The Service Provider Q&A slipped through the update process from an earlier draft. The trial was initially due to be to 70dB line loss. It was later decided that performance testing on higher line loss lines would provide valuable data - hence no limit for the trial.".

In other words, rather than go for an incremental increase, BT has decided to test really how far the service can reach outside of the labs. If all goes well this should be 99.6% of households connected to an ADSL enabled exchange can receive the basic 0.5Mbps service. Many have asked what is happening with the 1Mbps and 2Mbps services, at this time there is no concrete news, but it appears that the 1Mbps and 2Mbps service limits will be reviewed, and its very likely that 1Mbps service will be given its own limit. It would appear there is a desire within BT Wholesale for 1Mbps to be more widely available, how widely available is speculation until any new limit is released. The Milton Keynes trial will provide lots of useful information that will help in setting new limits for the 1Mbps and 2Mbps services.


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