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fireNET joins ranks of sub £20 ADSL providers

Firenet is another ISP venturing into the £20 and below bracket. They have launched their Speedwire 500 service for £19.99 (inc VAT) per month. While 0.5Mbps services for under £20 a month are becoming more common, it is still fairly rare to see one launched that has no restrictions or monthly allowances.

Speedwire 500 is a 12 month contract, and carries a £58.75 activation fee. Additionally subscribers get unlimited email, combined with Anti Spam and Anti Virus protection. For those perhaps seeking a shorter contract, there is a Speedwire 250 option with a 6 month contract at £18.99 per month, but it's maximum speed is only 250kbps.

With the growing number of providers managing to bring out unlimited products under the £20 mark, one must wonder about the prospects for the 1GB and 2GB allowance type products. Though in the past it has been shown that companies willing to spend money on TV advertising can sell products in large volumes, even if there are better and sometimes cheaper options on the market.

Update 27/04/04: Firenet have reduced the minimum contract period for this service from 12 to 3 months. This reduction applies to both new customers and those who had signed up for this offer previously.


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