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Delays with RFS date for four more exchanges

More bad news for people on four exchanges around the UK. BT Wholesale has had to extend the RFS dates on some exchanges. The exchanges and new dates are listed below:

  • Abbots Bromley, old RFS was 21st April 2004, will now be 25th August 2004.
    Change due to need for new CJ cable.
  • Glenfarg, old RFS was 21st April 2004, and the new date is 26th May 2004.
    Delayed due to SDH ring provision.
  • Kimbolton, old RFS was 2nd June 2004, new date is 29th September 2004.
    A new cable duct and CJ cable are required.
  • Stelling Minnis, old RFS was 2nd June 2004, the new date is 22nd December 2004.
    Due to cable delays, which will not be ready until December.

The BT Broadband Campaign team who came bearing the news has apologised for the late notice on some of these date changes, but they only found out on 19th April 2004, which was when campaigners were informed.

Lets hope BT can improve the communication between the various teams, as delays like this do more than annoy people in the affected areas. The delays can also breed doubt amongst people on other exchanges, and reduces confidence in BT's roll-out schedules. Looking at the issue overall, the number of exchanges that have slipped their RFS dates is still small, we hope it will stay that way.


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