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MyZones W-Fi hotspot provider defunct?

The Register has an article by Guy Kewney which indicates that the MyZones HotSpot service is closing down. Apparently the telephones have not being answered for the last week. This news if MyZones cannot be resurrected is a blow to the UK Wi-Fi industry, which is still very much in the fledgling stages.

To quote the article from The Register:
That may well be the simple truth. In fact, nobody could deny that the founders were guilty of hype - but nonetheless, the concept behind MyZones is one which many have predicted will eventually drive wireless Internet businesses.

It's a franchise operation, reminiscent of deals like Boingo and Sputnik or iPass and so on; and many believe it's an idea which should work. But it seems MyZones simply didn't have the resources to see if they could make the concept stick. The question which remains unanswered, of course, is why they couldn't get the resources, given the number of wealthy financiers on the MyZones board."

MyZones had partnership deals with various providers including and Bulldog. Quite what will happen to any 12 month subscriptions is unclear.


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