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BISCit releases lower priced Home 500 service

BISCit has just added a new product to its range the Basic 500 service. This is based around the BT IPStream Home 500 service and is priced competitively at £17+VAT (£19.98 inc VAT).

The product comes with a single email address, and BISCit's standard 24/7 support service. The restriction on the product is that peer to peer file sharing or newsgroups are not allowed. The other start up costs are the set-up fee at £50 and you can buy a USB modem (with microfilter), the Samsung XIOD for £25+VAT from BISCit.

The sub £20 a month market is growing rapidly, this is a big difference compared to the £40+ a month that the basic 0.5Mbps service used to cost in 2001.


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