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Overhaul of migrations on the way

BT Wholesale is embarking on a series of trials with service providers that should vastly improve the position of end-users who are wanting to migrate between the various ADSL services in the UK.

Currently any migration involves a 10 day period which starts with the gaining ISP submitting a migration order to BT Wholesale, who then give the losing ISP 10 days to reply, agreeing to the migration or not. A new system is to be introduced that will use a Migration Authorisation Code (MAC), and the losing ISP can give this to the end-user who can then give this to the ISP they have chosen to migrate to. Hopefully this should avoid the problem of migrations disappearing into a black-hole and being forgotten about. If this new system works out migrations should be a process of a few minutes work, rather than days of paper passing and waiting for the end-user.

The other key area is IPStream to Datastream and Datastream to IPStream migrations. At present this is not possible, but trials for bulk migration from IPStream to a DataStream service are due to start shortly. Individual migration orders are some way off yet, but are expected to be available in the first quarter of 2005.

The lack of migrations between the various BT Wholesale ADSL product groups is something that causes untold worry for users, as people want to be without their existing ADSL service for as short a period time as possible.


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