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Satellite subsidies in Wales become broadband subsidies

The Welsh Development Agency (WDA) has replaced its Satellite Subsidy Scheme with a new scheme called the Broadband Support Scheme. The new scheme which was launched on 23rd March 2004 is designed to allow SME's, charities and voluntary sector organisations to gain access to broadband for their company or organisation.

Eligible companies will receive a 50% subsidy upto a maximum of £3000 for the cost of the broadband service. The definition of an SME is 1 to 249 employees and a turnover of no more than £25million. Full details of the regulations concerning who is eligible is on the WDA site here.

With the continued roll-out of ADSL across Wales, only offering a subsidy scheme for satellite access would be a bit odd. Now so long as the broadband service meets the requirements (e.g. for ADSL it is 1000kbps download and 250kbps upstream as a minimum) then the new scheme can be used to subsidise it.


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