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Initiatives from BT Wholesale help with borderline ADSL provision

The Broadband Actiton Group in Milton Keynes has obtained details of pilot initiatives by BT Wholesale that may make life simpler for consumers who currently cannot get ADSL.

The first initiative is ensuring that the neighbour who can't get broadband has their line checked thoroughly. The second one being ensuring that the neighbour who can get broadband (but is over the limit) does not have their broadband service disconnected. Full details are on the BB4MK website here.

These changes should make life simpler for those in the annoying position of having a next door neighbour who can have the service, but they cannot. Essentially the changes outline what some ISPs are currently managing to do via the 'manual ordering' system, or at least trying to. It should be noted that in both situations some degree of co-operation from the ISP is needed, and they were all informed on March 31st 2004 of these changes. The problem as usual is whether this sort of initiative will be communicated to the staff who answer the phones at ISPs. [andrew]


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