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Bulldog with ADSL for £15.99

Bulldog are running a special offer on its PrimeTime 500 service meaning it costs just £15.99 (inc VAT) per month. PrimeTime 500 is a service that runs at up to 0.5Mbps at off peak times, and during peak (8am to 6pm weekdays) runs at 0.25Mbps. Additionally the package is metered, and comes with a 2GB per month allowance, but with upgrade options available.

The service has a 12 month contract, and comes with a free USB modem (or optional free month) and an activation fee of £58.75. The availability is a subset of the BT Wholesale ADSL enabled exchanges due to the product using the Datastream wholesale product, it is believed this is currently around 450 exchanges.

The United Kingdom appears to be excelling itself at producing more and more variants of products that involve broadband somehow into the market place. Before long, if not already, the broadband packages will be as complex as many mobile phone tariffs. Only last weekend Telewest launched its 256kbps cable modem package at £17.99. The emphasis appears to be on satisfying the lowest common denominator in the market (low price), and ignoring the early adopters who after three years of broadband are finding that they would like more options at the higher end of the market.

The high-end residential market has a few products, mainly from Bulldog e.g. the 6Mbps LLU services, but unless you live in Central London this is of little use. BT Wholesale needs to rapidly look at offering things like options for higher upstream services on ADSL, QoS parameters for VoIP, and line speeds going above 2Mbps. Of course there may be a large LLU provider sitting in the wings just waiting for the right time - if there is one, please do launch your products.


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