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Top 10 Fastest Broadband ISPs for March 2004

Zen has maintained its top position in March speed tests at 447.6 Kbps with Nildram inching into second Place following Eclipse's drop from 445.6 Kbps to 440.5 Kbps putting them in third position. Supanet also fell from fourth to seventh position, but the top ten remain fairly similar. Freedom 2 Surf has also reappeared having previously fallen into twelfth position pushing BT Openworld/Yahoo! Broadband just outside the top ten 419.9 Kbps. The average of the top ten reduced marginally by 3.5 Kbps downstream with a small widening in the gap between the first and tenth positions.






1 Zen Internet 447.6 Kbps 237.1 Kbps 2015
2 Nildram 442.5 Kbps 236.4 Kbps 1812
3 Eclipse Internet 440.5 Kbps 227.3 Kbps 2858
4 438.4 Kbps 235.5 Kbps 1450
5 Pipex 432.1 Kbps 234.2 Kbps 5059
6 PlusNet 427.4 Kbps 233.5 Kbps 2137
7 Supanet 424.3 Kbps 237.1 Kbps 726
8 Freedom 2 Surf 424.0 Kbps 233.6 Kbps 1411
9 BT Broadband 423.8 Kbps 233.7 Kbps 3577
10 Freeserve 420.6 Kbps 233.6 Kbps 3537

As of 29th March, BT Yahoo! Broadband (formerly BT Openworld) started moving its residential customers to the BT Central Plus platform used by BT Broadband. This meant that we have now merged these listings into a single BT entry which will cover both products which are identical from a technical perspective. The BT Yahoo! Broadband/BT Openworld business customers will remain on the current Home Gateways but as BT only has one entry, all speed tests from April onwards will be merged into a single BT entry combining all the results.

We are continuing to review the 1 Mbps league tables and are expecting to be in a position to publish those in the next few months as the popularity of these products increase and enough results are recorded.

Every month, we keep re-iterating that the list only shows providers who have attained a minimum number of confirmed results and therefore smaller providers will be less likely to be included. Also, it is important to consider that we only test 512 Kbps packages so faster services would not count for or appear in these tests. We would always recommend you use all the information available to you when selecting an ISP and never rely on speed tests alone, especially one type of speed test as presented here. Previous months' results can be found here. [seb]


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