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Nildram makes moving house easier

Often, moving house can be a nightmare and moving a broadband connection can add to this headache both in terms of cost and hassle. Nildram has launched a service whereby existing customers moving to a new address can do so at no extra cost and without downtime. They can provision broadband on the new line and you don't even have to change any login details.

"Moving house is often said to be one of the most stressful things you can do - we are pleased to be able to offer a service that makes it easy to move your Broadband connection, saving money and downtime in the process!"

Andy Taylor, Nildram

Nildram state that in order to keep things running smoothly they need at least thirteen days' notice and of course, you will have to have a new phone line ready at the new premises.

Although this is quite a useful solution for anyone moving into another area and thus unable to keep their telephone number, it isn't of much use if you want to keep your number as changing a telephone number on a line would result in cancellation of any broadband orders on the line. The offer is also mysteriously "for a limited time only". [seb]


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