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Bulldog launches SDSL at upto 4Mbps

Bulldog has taken another step towards satisfying the needs of SME's in the UK. The launch of its upto 4Mbps SDSL service, means that companies can have connections that allow them to start to use DSL connections just like a leased line, but at a fraction of the cost. For more details on the packages visit Bulldogs website.

The new 4Mbps SDSL service is actually run using two 2Mbps SDSL lines and bonding them together, and thus is available across London, the South East, Greater Manchester, Merseyside, Yorkshire, the West Midlands and Scotland. This in theory covers around 350,000 businesses. The London coverage is through Bulldogs own Local Loop Unbundled network, expansion of this network is being planned.

The pricing starts at £100.41 per month for the SDSL service. An IP Leased Line, an alternative to a leased line, but with much lower costs, starts at £162.50 a month, with a £1595 managed set-up fee. The large set up fee on the IP Leased Line is due in part to the Cisco router supplied, but the service comes with a service level guarantee of 99.9% network availability and 4 business hour response times to faults.

Bulldogs service competes favourably with the BT Wholesale offerings, Bulldog are offering low contention, a choice of 1:1 or 5:1, compared to the 10:1 of a BT based service. With the growth in services like VoIP and home working, the need for small businesses to have ever faster Internet connections is growing.


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