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"Freeserve" is no more...

One of the UK's most recognised ISP brands which was one of the leaders in 'free' 0845 Internet access in the 90s is rebranding to integrate with its parent company which acquired it in 2001. It dismissed suggestions that it was in the process of changing its name only as recently as six months ago.

The rebranding exercise which is expected to be completed before the summer will not affect any e-mail addresses Freeserve customers use but Freeserve say it will allow them to position themselves as a "major international brand and a powerful leader in Broadband". Wanadoo is also keen to stress that this change will see Freeserve adopting its 'core brand values' including openness, optimism and focus on customer satisfaction. [seb]

We should add that for customers concerned over the changing of e-mail addresses, Freeserve/Wanadoo have said that these will remain the same as now. [andrew]


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