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Ofcom to look at BT Retail phone call and line rental packages

Ofcom has taken a move that appears to be a faster reacting move than the previous regulatory body Oftel. Recently BT Retail announced changes to the pricing and packages for its residential line rental and calls packages, with the changes starting to take effect on 1st April 2004.

Ofcom has received representations from 13 stakeholders including other operators who compete with BT, and this appears to have prompted Ofcom to launch an investigation into whether the new packages distort competition in the residential calls market. It is possible that Ofcom could force BT to cease or reverse the proposed new tariffs. Details of the investigation are available on the Ofcom site here.

Normally ADSLGuide does not cover telephony based news items, but since we believe a significant number of our visitors use CPS to gain the best value for money on their phone calls, the news of the investigation seemed worth mentioning.


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