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France to roll out TV over ADSL this year

The Guardian published a news item over the weekend on its website entitled 'Revolutions in waiting', about France Telecoms announcement that a ADSL service is to be launched carrying 100 TV channels.

The item starts "France has suddenly stolen a march over Britain in the provision of fast "broadband" access to the internet.". Which seems to forget that the UK has had a Video On Demand and TV service over ADSL since 2000 via HomeChoice. Who also just recently announced the launch of their new upto 6MBps Video On Demand service.

It is admirable to see the national press starting to put pressure behind the need for faster ADSL and other services in the UK, but the availability of 1Mbps and 2Mbps services now is totally skipped by the newspaper. While we are well aware of the lower coverage of the 1Mbps and 2Mbps services the 50-60% coverage is a lot better than none.

The real issue is broadband for business users, the roll-out of SDSL services is going ahead very slowly, and to date LLU has been a slow process in the UK. If the UK is too look at speeds much higher than 2Mbps being available to a wide area of the country and in a way that is suitable for business use. Then the best solution is rolling out Fibre to the Home/Business. Which can be done now, for example with leased lines, but the cost is too prohibitive for many smaller companies.


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