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Major Service Outage: Manchester

A fire in underground tunnels in Manchester has caused damage to cabling which has been affecting ADSL connections in the Manchester area since the early hours of Monday morning.

This seems to be a relatively major incident and there is no information at the moment about how quickly it is expected to be fixed as the full extent of the damage has not yet been assessed. Telephone services to many premises have also been affected and reports suggest customers outside Greater Manchester might be affected if their ISP's central pipes are located in the affected area.

"A fire in cable chambers running beneath the streets of central Manchester has caused extensive damage to (underground) cables and widespread disruption to phone services in Manchester and the surrounding area.

"The fire is affecting some 130,000 homes and businesses in the centre of the city. BT is currently assessing the extent of the damage (remotely from its network management centre) and working to reroute and restore as many services as possible.

However, the true extent of the repair will not become clear until the fire authority have declared the site safe and BT engineers can gain access to the underground chambers. It is not possible at this stage to say how long it will be before all services are fully restored."

BT Statement (29/03/04 09:42)

External Link: BBC News Article


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