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Aramiska launch managed VPN service for satellite service

Aramiska has announced the launch of a managed VPN service on its two-way satellite based broadband service.

This new support for VPNs over their satellite system makes the service more attractive for businesses that are otherwise out of the reach of terrestrial based broadband services. Virtual private networks (VPNs) allow businesses to link multiple sites together easily, and once linked they all appear as if on the same network. This 'local' network can then be used for many things, e.g. syncing of backups between sites, home workers and more. The inherent latency of a satellite based connection is still present at around 500ms to 700ms.

Aramiska currently has 3000 business customers across Europe and offers packages of up-to 2Mbps downstream and 0.5Mbps upstream. In some areas of the UK subsidised satellite access is available for businesses, details are here.

Additionally Aramiska have a number of community packages, for example ARC 2000+ with a 2Mbps downstream and 0.5Mbps upstream, presented on a 4:1 contention level for £5,000 in the first year, which compares to a cost of £15,000-£20,0000 per year for a leased line. This can then be shared between a community using various methods, obviously the contention level to the end user will depend on how a community shares the service out.


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