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DTI's Broadband Aggregation Project brings 100% coverage closer

The Department of Trade and Industry's (DTI) Broadband Aggregation Project (BAP) has now announced that BT and 16 other companies are to act as suppliers for the project.

BAP which co-ordinates public sector broadband procurement will hopefully be able to accelerate the availability of broadband to UK communities. Pierre Danon, chief executive of BT Retail is quoted as saying "We are excited about working in this way with the public sector and believe it will boost BT's commitment to connecting 100 per cent of UK communities to broadband by 2005.".

As always the difficulty is knowing quite what everyone defines as a community, for public sector coverage this may mean the presence of a school, library, doctors surgery or other public service. This of course may mean that very small rural villages are missed out once more, lets hope not. More information will hopefully be available on 17th March 2004, at the website, when a webcast featuring BT and representatives of Regional Development Agencies, the Regional Aggregation Board and the DTI will take place.

Even if BT were to promise to ADSL enable all of their exchanges, not everyone would be able to receive a service. Currently around 96% of households on enabled exchanges are able to receive a 0.5Mbps ADSL service, dropping to around 60% for the 1Mbps and 2Mbps services.


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