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Good news for Torpoint, finally!

Torpoint users have been waiting for BT to announce a ready-for-service date since July last year when the exchange reached its trigger level and it has been one of the longest delays, although fortunately most exchanges are not affected in this way. Today, BT announced that the RFS date for Torpoint is set at March 24th following successful completion of the undersea cable installation needed to provide the appropriate backhaul connection.

"The laying of the cable went smoothly, though the project has been complex. We needed to obtain the permission of The Duchy of Cornwall and The Department of Transport and consulted with English Nature and the harbour master. Then, of course, we had to take into account tides and the winter weather.

This project is a very clear demonstration of BT's commitment to providing broadband throughout the UK. Broadband equipment has already been installed in the Torpoint exchange. The undersea cable, which will carry broadband and a wide variety of other high speed data services, was the final major part of the operation. It will expand greatly the capacity of the BT network serving Torpoint and the surrounding area."

Lizzie Beesley (Regional Director), BT South West

The exchange serves about 3,500 lines and according to BT is the only exchange in the UK which has been enabled with an undersea cable of almost one kilometre in length across the Tamar River between Devonport and Torpoint. [seb]


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