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NTL Research: Broadband transforms the role of Internet

In conjunction with announcing that it has one million broadband connections installed in residential premises, NTL last week also announced the findings of its latest research which indicates that broadband doesn't simply increase Internet access speeds but transforms the user experience and use of the Internet.

"Broadband integrates the internet into homes to become as practical as a telephone, and acts as an entertainment device to rival the television, radio and music centre rolled into one. Our research has shown that broadband homes are higher value and more educated than typical and we believe that our tiered service has ensured that the many benefits of broadband can be enjoyed by all for a fraction of what is spent on a single visit to the local cinema"

Aizad Hussein (Managing Director), ntl:home

The research indicates that households that take up broadband increase the number of hours they spend online with average Internet use per household being at 25 hours per week, over 3.5 hours per day. Broadband users also send over twice as many e-mails as their narrowband counterparts.

More information can be found here.


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