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Wem waits for broadband..

Back in November last year, BT announced an RFS date of March 10th for Wem but unfortunately problems have arisen which have resulted in a delay. This will affect around forty users who have scheduled installation dates and is only the second time according to BT that an RFS date has been set back.

"With cabling work there is the rare possibility of an unforeseen blockage affecting our schedules but we have worked with our contractors and the highways authority to minimise any delays and get broadband to the people of Wem as quickly as possible."

BT Spokesman

The cause of the problem is additional excavation work needed to lay the cables delivering the backhaul to the exchange as existing ducting was found to be blocked in three locations which now require 450 metres of additional ducting in verges and roadways. BT has stated it is doing everything possible to minimise delays including working extended hours with contractors. It has also been grateful for the co-operation of the local highways authority which has speeded up the approvals needed for the work. [seb]


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