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Top 10 Fastest Broadband ISPs for February 2004

February saw quite a shake-up in the top ten with a change in the lead position, and several changes within including a new addition. Zen Internet has beaten Eclipse to the number one position by increasing its downstream speed by 1.2 Kbps to 448.5 Kbps. This small increase and Eclipse's fall by 4.9 Kbps edged Zen forward in both downstream and upstream performance.

Also making their first appearance on the top ten, Supanet enters in fourth position at 437.2 Kbps. The average of the top ten fell by about 3.1 Kbps downstream and 1.1 Kbps upstream, which seems to be influenced by Eclipse's fall and a lower bottom end of the table. Freedom-2-Surf has disappeared from the top ten into twelfth position falling from 433.4 to 419.9 Kbps.






1 Zen Internet 448.5 Kbps 237.2 Kbps 1894
2 Eclipse Internet 445.6 Kbps 234.0 Kbps 2419
3 Nildram 441.1 Kbps 235.5 Kbps 1806
4 Supanet 437.2 Kbps 234.1 Kbps 540
5 436.1 Kbps 235.5 Kbps 1709
6 Pipex 435.1 Kbps 233.5 Kbps 5094
7 PlusNet 434.7 Kbps 235.4 Kbps 2292
8 BT Broadband 430.4 Kbps 234.5 Kbps 3306
9 Freeserve 424.9 Kbps 232.5 Kbps 3310
10 BT Yahoo! Broadband (Openworld) 423.0 Kbps 229.6 Kbps 5111

Each time we publish these results, we re-iterate that it only shows providers who have attained a minimum number of confirmed tests and thus excludes smaller providers from the list. Also, you should remember that this test only covers 512 Kbps products and will not indicate performance of 600 Kbps, 1Mbps or faster services that are available. We would always recommend you choose all the information available to you when choosing an ISP and would advise you to never rely on speed tests alone, particularly only one kind of test as used here. To view the list of previous months' results, click here.

Several users have asked us regarding a league table for 1 Mbps services which are becoming more common. We have been monitoring the numbers of tests on 1Mbps services and are not far away from having sufficient tests to consider publishing a top ten. Expect to see this in the next few months. We will also be increasing the number of confirmed tests required to qualify for a ranking next month. [seb]


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