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Launch of a not always-on ADSL package

BISCit has launched its Offpeak 500 package which is a Home 500 style connection, but with a time of day feature applied. It will only actually work on weekday evenings and during the weekends. The package is priced at £23.99 (inc VAT) per month and includes a free USB ADSL modem. The activation fee is £55 and the contract is a minimum of 12 months.

The idea is interesting, an ADSL package only usable at off peak times, though there appears to be little in terms of price saving compared to other ISPs who allow you to stay connected 24/7. It should be noted that to stay connected with ADSL costs the ISP no extra money, it really only costs them money when you are uploading and downloading and therefore utilising the bandwidth. At present one of the best packages for people who want something more than dial-up but at a minimum cost is Metronet, which is ideal for people just wanting always-on email with a little web browsing.


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