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Discovery Channel brings broadband content to UK

  • Wednesday, February 11, 2004 12:35 PM

Today, The Discovery Channel, well known for its programming on cable and satellite launched a broadband service for the U.K. audience. Discovery Broadband seems to be an excellent example of what broadband can do and is fuelling the trend for more companies to provide broadband content on-line in what one could describe as 'viewable' quality as opposed to staggering images than we are all used to.

The programming is offered both on a pay-per-view and subscription basis to allow viewers to select what option suits them best. Individual clips can be purchased for £1.49 which gives you access to the programme and related material for 24 hours, or a you can pay £5.99 a month for full access. Discovery aims to offer more content this way than could be offered in a simple broadcast allowing viewers to spend their time more efficiently watching what interests them most. Initially, two channels will be available. Discovery Select will cover science, history and nature programmes whilst Discovery Home & Leisure includes lifestyle and living programming. More channels are expected to be added over the next year.

"We are really excited about being one of the first broadcasters to experiment with broadband.  Our research tells us that many of our viewers would be interested in accessing our programming via broadband and it will also provide us with an opportunity to reach new Discovery viewers.  We have plans to expand the content available across other Discovery channels and hope to make further announcements later in the year"

Tanya Field (Vice President of New Media), Discovery Networks International

Broadband content has been one of the missing ingredients which is going to fuel the need for a greater number of faster broadband services and these services are essential to make broadband a 'utility' rather than a luxury item in the same way a television is today.

Those with half an hour to spare (and on a broadband connection) may find the free clips on the site addictive.

For more information, visit: [seb]


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