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Northern Ireland chooses BT as its preferred broadband supplier

BBC News Online has good news for people waiting for broadband in Northern Ireland. The Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment has chosen BT as the 'preferred supplier' for the region. BT was chosen from a list of 27 companies that tendered for the contract back in July 2003.

The contract is not quite signed, there are some further negotiations to take place, but that is expected to happen this month. The plan is for Northern Ireland to have 100% broadband coverage for all households and businesses by the end of 2005. It is worth noting that no mention is made of the specific technologies that will be used, so it is likely to be a mixture of ADSL and wireless. It is possible that some of the more remote locations may be supplied a service via satellite connections.

Hopefully more details will appear in the next few weeks, when they do we will be sure to let people know.


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