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BT to invest £22 million on wireless technologies in 2005

BT who have being running wireless broadband trials in several parts of the UK has announced the trials were a success. This news was announced by Pierre Danon at todays Broadband Edge conference in Cornwall. More details over on The Register.

BT is expecting to invest around £22 million in wireless broadband during 2005, though it is not to go it alone. BT will be looking to form partnerships, at this time around 35 partnerships are envisaged - there is no information on where these partnerships will be as yet.

BTs move to opt for a fixed broadband wireless solution to some extent vindicates the advocates of wireless broadband who have kept saying it is the cheaper and easier to deploy solution for parts of the UK. The problem will be that now BTs weight appears to be behind it, the teleco may end up squashing a number of upstart companies. We do hope that Mr Danon's vision is much more accurate than the one he originally had for the product that is BT Midband.

Hopefully BT may also be able to use wireless to cover some of the parts of the UK where exchanges are already ADSL enabled, but due to issues like TPON or lines unable to sustain an ADSL connection there are clusters of hundreds of households unable to receive broadband.


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