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Bulldog to roll-out 20Mbps DSL service this year?

The PCPro website has the news that Bulldog are looking to roll-out a 20Mbps ADSL service on its LLU exchanges. We presume this is likely to be an ADSL2 service, since the ADSL usually runs out of steam at 8Mbps.

The service will be offered via their network of LLU exchanges which at present are in the Central London area, PCPro suggest that it will be available on 450 unbundled exchanges. So unless Bulldog has plans to un-bundle 400 exchanges in the next few months, we would presume the wires have got crossed. We believe Bulldog currently has 450 exchanges from which it can offer Datastream based services, which are not an unbundled service.

Mention is also made of their continuing trials of an 8Mbps LLU ADSL service, Easynet currently offer this on their unbundled exchanges, though we would expect Bulldog to undercut them on price since Bulldog appear to be targeting the consumer market.

To view the PCPro news item you may have to register, a thread discussing the PCPro article is running on our BBS here.


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