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Eight exchanges in South Cambridgeshire to get xDSL

The residents and businesses connected to eight telephone exchanges in the South Cambridgeshire area appear set to benefit from an LLU scheme to bring ADSL and SDSL to the area.

South Cambs District council has announced Trilogy Telecom Ltd as the winner of a contract to provide broadband services to the areas covered by the following exchanges: Arrington, Cambourne, Cottenham, Crafts Hill, Steeple Morden, Swavesey and West Wratting.

Trilogy has won the contract following a process started by the East of England Development Agency to raise broadband awareness in the East of England. The actual selection of providers was handed over to the various local authorities along with funding for the projects. It would appear from the Trilogy website that they may well be deploying ADSL2 which has the promise of further reach compared the current ADSL standard. Interestingly BT has looked into using ADSL2 (see here) and believed that it would only give around 0.2km extra reach. Also one possible problem is the relatively low number of consumer ADSL modems that support ADSL2 at this time.

Subsidies are available for the first 100 customers in the area to the tune of £200 in the form of vouchers to offset the activation costs of £199+VAT for consumers and £304 for businesses. Some more details are available on

To users of the Cambourne exchange we are aware of the presence of TPON in the area, work is in progress on the exchange to provide a copper overlay to the TPON area, and indications are that this will not be ready until the end of September 2004.

Cambourne Update: We are led to believe that for the Cambourne area, Trilogy will be installing their own DSLAM at the estate end of the TPON fibre link to provide their service. The target date they are aiming for at present is 19th May 2004. If we hear of any further developments we will update our readers.


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