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Eclipse first in line with phone based ADSL checker

Eclipse appears to have extended some of the tools available to ISPs for checking the state of ADSL lines out to the customer. They are running a trial of a phone based system that allows Eclipse customers to check the status of their ADSL line.

The system allows people to check if their line has been or is currently affected by an outage, and also it will look up that specific line against planned engineering works. Of course being an automated system it is available all day every day, and is just the cost of a national call, lasting around one minute apparently.

The service only works across the line that the ADSL is registered to, so obviously of little use if the telephony part has failed too, but it should lighten the load of call centres a bit. It will be interesting to see how this automated system expands and perhaps include more of the tests that ISP support are able to run now.

More details on the status checker can be found here, the availability of this checker was spotted by ISPReview.


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